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About Glass Fusion

Glass fusion art pieces are mostly created by cutting special sheets of glass into patterns and then fusing them in an electric kiln. The fusing process is often done in up to 3 or 4 stages and can take over 60 hours in total, with firing temperatures of over 800c reached. The images below show the process of making a 'mini'. Every piece is a 'one-off' with no two ever being the same. Glass is an interesting medium to work with, sometimes ending with unplanned or unusual results, all of which add to the beauty and individuality of the finished piece.

Ground and powdered glass (frit) is also used for some effects, such as the Union Flag background on the minis in the picture. It is also possible to re-use some household glass, particularly good wine and spirit bottles, and make a truly recycled work of art! More examples of our recycling projects can be seen in the Gallery.

About the process

The first stage is to select the sheet glass to be used and get ready to cut the pieces.

All the pieces are then cut to size and shape - both the background and the mini. The headlights, grill, wing-mirrors etc have all been cut and fused already.

The background is then fired first, at a temperature reaching 770c and taking around 18 hours.

Once the background is completed, then the rest of the pieces are assembled ready for the second firing. This firing is at a slightly lower temperature, but still takes around 18 hours to complete.

'WE GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS PLACE' - the final result out from the kiln and ready for mounting, framing or for use as a tile.

About Me

I first took up working with glass as a hobby to brighten up the often wet and windy winter days in the South West.

The pastime soon became a passion and is now a small business, based in a workshop at my home just outside of Looe in South East Cornwall.

The pieces are inspired by everyday things I see, both in the countryside and along the beautiful Cornwall coastline, which is just minutes away from my workshop.

Please browse the Gallery page to view some of the pieces currently available for sale. As I do not have an on-line shop, if you see something you like, please contact me directly. If you would like something made personally for you, please look at our commissions page as these can always be undertaken. If you would like to experience working with glass yourself, then come to a workshop and see how inspiring it can be.

Thank you.


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